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    Download and installation

New version : 0.6.1 available !!!
  • Visioo-Writer is completly ready for internationalisation

  • Visioo-Writer is avalaible in French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Catalan, Italian, Bresilian, Slovenian and English ...

  • Improvement of the Windows installer that join the "Portable" and the "Full" version into a single installer which can be install on all computers.

  • Improvement of the GNU/Linux generic installer. (The Makefile has been partially rewrite)

Visioo-Writer is still in devel and can have some bugs that you can describe on our Wiki Bug repporter

You can share and modify visioo-writer under GPL license terms

Windows Version

  •  Download Visioo-writer Full Version Visioo-writer-Full (all in one : 3,44 Mo)

    Note : This version can be install with or without administrator rights.
    If you want to use it on an USB Key, you only have to install Visioo-Writer directly on the key and then run visioo.bat.
    You can also copy an existing version directly on your usb key and launch config.bat

    Consultez notre Wiki d'informations pour tout probleme d'installation.

Linux Versions

  • Download Visioo Visioo-writer (visioo-writer with Linux installer : ~150ko)

    Installation : do "make" in installation directory into a shell
    You can also do "make install" into the same directory if you have administrator rights.

  • Download Visioo.deb Visioo-writer Debian (Debian package : 141 ko)

    Note :This Debian package has been created and is maintained by Friki


Download sources directly on the CVS cvsweb