Logo : visioo-writer.tuxfamily.org

What is Visioo-Writer ?

Visioo-Writer is a free OpenOffice.org and OpenDocument file viewer.
The project is to create a light, fast and simple program, in multi-language support for any operating sytem.

Visioo-Writer is a programm that permit you to read OpenOffice.org files (such as .sxw et .odt) for people who do not yet have the software.

One day we hope to open Abiword, Kword and other free office formats with Visioo-Writer ...

   Why have we developped such a viewer ?

  • To let anyone read .sxw et .odt files and so help to spread OpenOffice.org around the world.
  • To share our little effort with the free software community.
  • To answer a growing need of many users on web forums and websites.
  • To help to prove OpenOffice is a serious alternative to Microsoft\'s Office.